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hIIna kanna, Ba.BA.

Psychotherapy and Adlerian Psychoanalysis
in English, German and Japanese

Hiina Kanna was born and raised in Japan. After graduating from the University of Osaka, she moved to Vienna to continue her studies in translation and interpretation in German, English, and Japanese at the University of Vienna.

While working as an interpreter, she obtained her license to practice psychotherapy from Sigmund Freud University. She is now offering therapy in those three languages. Due to her background and experience living and working in several different countries (Japan, Austria, USA, and The Netherlands), she understands very well the difficulty of moving across cultures.

She has successfully supported clients with topics such as: culture shock, home sickness, rootlessness, loneliness, emotional instability, identity problems, and intercultural marriage.


Psychotherapy is a new encounter and an intensive confrontation with our “self”, which activates our innate energy to tackle difficulties in life. The reflection process in this therapy encourages our maturing process at the same time.  That means, we get to know ourselves anew, find out what exactly we want to become, while learning how to feel and listen to ourselves. This work we do in psychotherapy is similar to that of archeologists. We go on a journey to our past, even to our subconscious, and do a diligent research on our stories we’ve been writing so far, and analyze our one of a kind lifestyle. This happens through dialogue and a trusting relationship between client and therapist, who accompanies clients through the journey.


Individualpsychologie (Adlerian Psychoanalysis)

Alfred Adler, the founder of the individualpsychologie claims that every emotional suffering deals with interpersonal relationships because human beings are social creatures and cannot exist without society. Feelings of inferiority, pain of separation, lovesickness, conflicts, and power struggles… all these issues we have in life occur because we are not alone. Even loneliness stems from issues in relationship. If we were all by ourselves on this planet, we wouldn’t have a longing for tenderness, warmth, recognition, belonging to a community, and therefore we wouldn’t know the feeling of loneliness. We take aim to bring the universal (and yet often enigmatic) subject of „relationships“ to the forefront and work through the issues. This intensive process happens in therapeutic relationship between the therapist and the client.

Areas of Expertise

  • Relationship:
    • partnership, marriage, break-up/ divorce, grief, family, sexuality
  • Self-development:
    • Self-discovery, search for Identity, self-experience, self-awareness
  • Intercultural issues:
    • culture shock, home sickness, adjustment difficulties, loneliness, intercultural marriage
  • Mental health issues:
    • Depression, burnout, anxiety, Panic attacks… etc.

Education and work experience

  • Since 2015: Psychotherapist in Training under Supervision at her own clinic
  • 2014: Intern in Kaiser-Franz-Josef Hospital
  • 2013: Bachelor of Arts in transcultural communication and translation (EN, DE, JP)
  • Since 2012: Psychotherapy studies at the Sigmund Freud University
  • 2011: Bachelor of Arts in Language and Culture at Osaka University (Japan)
  • Since 2010: Freelance interpreter and translator
  • 2009: Study abroad at Rice University (Houston)

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