Exceptional Relationship Mentoring – english

Exceptional Relationship Mentoring – body-oriented couple coaching

Exceptional Relationship Mentoring (ERM) is a body-oriented coaching approach that is suitable for all constellations of two, whether partnership, friendship, parent/child (18 years and older), or siblings.

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We accompany couples who desire a fulfilling relationship in experiencing their individuality in the relationship together, without losing themselves as individuals.

In couple coaching, we learn that our reality is distorted by the imprint of our parent-child experiences. We become aware of this, create a new shared reality, and thus find a way out of old patterns of behavior and communication, into an „adult-to-adult“ relationship.

Couples connect in coaching through shared experiences in the here and now, not just through talking about problems. In order to achieve real growth and maintain „eros“ and aliveness in the relationship, the commitment of both partners is important, as well as a willingness to listen to what their bodies are communicating to them. Couples get to know each other anew by embodying their (relationship) dynamics with the help of movement exercises. They enter into a shared dialogue with their bodies and minds to better understand each other and experience connection again.

A central part of the body-oriented couples work is the so-called „Full Self Expression (FSE) Process“ to explore our deeper feelings and unexpressed longings. In these exercises we achieve the transition away from blocking and defending states to more openness and empathy.

Subjects in ERM can be:
– Uniting the supposedly opposing needs of „adventure/individuality/freedom“ and „intimacy/security/trust“ within the relationship.
– Self-development within the relationship, without fear that closeness and intimacy in the relationship will suffer (autonomy in connectedness)
– Knowing one’s own needs and desires and living a healthy protest
– Setting healthy boundaries / Finding each other’s „borderland“.
– Breaking the spiral of blame
– Standing up for what you really need and want in a relationship
– Too much responsibility (self-sacrifice/sacrifice) vs. too little responsibility (selfishness/lack of empathy)
– Dealing with infidelity/forgiveness
– Getting „Eros“ back into the life and bedroom
– Confidence to be oneself
– Self-release from own expectations and those of others
– Overcoming helplessness and feelings of powerlessness
– Mutual recognition and respect

Diese Coaches bieten es an:

Daniela Zambrana Weymann

Körperorientierter Coach, Anti-Burnout- und Resilienz-Coach, Exceptional Relationship Mentor, Traumabegleitender SSP- und Focus System-Provider, Psychologische Beraterin
Einzel-, Paar- und Gruppensetting

Daniela begleitet ihre KlientInnen auf eine warmherzige, mitfühlende und dynamische Weise. Der Dreh- und Angelpunkt ihrer Arbeit ist der Körper, weil dieser den effektivsten Zugang zu unserem unbewussten Selbst und unserer Seele bietet.

Daniela Zambrana Weymann – english

Body-oriented coach, anti-burnout and resilience coach, Exceptional Relationship Mentor, trauma supporting SSP and Focus System provider, psychological consultant
Individual, couple and group settings

Daniela guides her clients in a warm, compassionate and dynamic way. The focus of her work is on the body because it provides the most effective access to our unconscious self and soul.

Daniela Zambrana Weymann – spanish

Terapeuta orientada al trabajo corporal, especializada en el síndrome de desgaste mental debido a situaciones profesionales (burn-out) y resiliencia; Mentora de relaciones excepcionales, facilitadora del sistema SSP and Focus System para el tratamiento de distintos tipos de traumas y consultora psicológica.
Apoyo a nivel personal, grupal y de parejas.

Daniela guía a sus clientes de manera cálida, dinámica y con mucha compasión. Su terapia está enfocada en el trabajo corporal debido a que el propio cuerpo ofrece un acceso más efectivo a nuestro yo inconsciente y nuestra alma.

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