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Daniela Zambrana Weymann

Body-oriented Coach, anti-burnout and resilience coach, Exceptional Relationship Mentor, Core Energetics Practitioner, Trauma Supporting SSPTM and Focus SystemTM provider, psychological consultant

(Coaching available in German, Spanish and English)

Daniela’s work is based on the principles of body psychotherapy, polyvagal theory and non-duality philosophy. Her coaching sessions are body-oriented, meaning they access our mind and spirit through our body.

Here you get a first insight into Daniela’s coaching methods:
>> Body-oriented Coaching
>> Safe and Sound Protocol in private environment
>> Safe and Sound Protocol in business environment

Daniela brings insights and concepts from neuroscience into her bodywork. Aspects of the polyvagal theory, the function of the vagus nerve and the development of our sensory systems play a major role. The two neurosensory training programs Daniela uses involve technically processed and filtered music that we listen to at rest or linked to various exercises.

The Safe and Sound ProtocolTM program is used, for example, for trauma, stress management, anxiety and various other physical and mental stresses to (re)gain and permanently maintain feelings of safety and security.

The Focus SystemTM program is used to develop age-appropriate skills that control body organization (gross/fine motor skills, emotional self-regulation) and brain function, and is used, for example, with autism, hyperactivity, and various sensory deficits.

Body-oriented coaching is based on the assumption that body and psyche form an inseparable unit and that our body is, so to speak, the direct line to our (possibly unconscious) drives. Through movement exercises we gain faster and more effective access to our unconscious. Bodywork gives our stuck thought and behavior patterns as well as suppressed feelings of the past a much clearer expression than our mind can. In this way, relationship dynamics within ourselves and with others can be experienced and effectively resolved.

The goal of body-oriented work is to build resilience against stress factors on a psychological and physical level in order to surf the waves of life flexibly and with joy.
In bodywork we learn to deal with everything and to integrate everything that is in us, even what we do not want to feel, and thus gain the courage to be ourselves.

Daniela works in individual, couple and group settings.

Focus of work

  • Body-oriented coaching and business coaching for physical and psychological stresses
  • Exceptional Relationship Mentoring (ERM) – body-oriented coaching for couples
  • Accompanying trauma therapy through neurosensory training programs (SSPTM)
  • Resilience and stress management
  • Performance and effectiveness enhancement in the job
  • Neurosensory training for developmentally delayed children and adults (Focus SystemTM)

Education and work experience


  • Self-employed as body-oriented coach, business coach, Core Energetics Practitioner and SSPTM and Focus SystemTM Provider
  • Psychological Consultant
  • Member of the European Association for Bodypsychotherapy (EABP) and the Austrian Scientific Association for Body-oriented Psychotherapy (AABP)
  • Many years of teaching and assisting in Core Energetics trainings (Core Energetics Institute Greece, Institute CORPORE Mexico & Netherlands Institute of Core Energetics)
  • Five years of experience as lecturer and examiner „Industriemeister Luftfahrttechnik (IHK)“, specialization „Human Resources Management and Development”
  • 20 years of experience in DAX-corporations as consultant for quality and process modeling, management consultant, project manager, account manager, internal sales department

Further education

  • Certified Exceptional Relationship Mentor (Center for Exceptional Marriage)
  • Certified Anti-Burnout and Resilience Coach – Certified Professional Training (Association of Independent Trainers and Coaches)
  • Bregman Leadership Coaching (Bregman Partners)
  • Certified Core Energetics Practitioner – Training in body-oriented psychotherapy (Core Energetics Institute Greece)
  • Postgraduate Specialization Year on Group and Couples Work, Sexuality, Pathologies, Non-Duality (Core Energetics Institute Greece)
  • Certified SSPTM (Sound & Safe Protocol) & Focus SystemTM Provider (Integrated Listening Systems)
  • Various trainings on the use of Polyvagal Theory in therapy with Deb Dana and Dr. Stephen Porges
  • Certified Psychological Counselor – Training as non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy (without state examination – GEPAMED)
  • Various advanced trainings in the field of solution-oriented short-term counseling and systemic counseling
  • Diploma in Business Administration (FH) & European Diploma in Business Administration and Management (ESBM) University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld (Bielefeld, Germany)
  • Training as animal Naturopath (without state examination – Sylvia Dauborn)

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