Body-oriented Coaching

Body-oriented Coaching

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In body-oriented coaching according to the Core Energetics approach, we use movement to dissolve entrenched behavior patterns and blockages and thus find more energy and resilience, more freedom in thought and action, and more relaxation.

With movement exercises we work through problems and stress, dissolve tension and inner resistance.

We become aware of how we are holding ourselves back from living a fulfilling life and learn to transform the associated emotions that block us into clarity and determination. When we accept all that is within us, we find our authentic selves and can experience deeper, more honest and courageous relationships with our partners, families, friends and others around us.

Bodywork is used for a wide range of issues:
– Physical and psychological stress
– Crises and reorientation phases
– Breaking up recurring blocking behavior patterns
– Finding your own inner center
– Personal development
– Developing and advancing your career
– lust for life, vitality, joy, pleasure
– Relaxation and serenity
– Self-worth/self-love
– Life direction/sense
– Resilience/Burnout
– Depression
– Fears/Traumas
– Relationship problems/sexuality
– Conflicts with self and others
– Body awareness/self-perception
– Alienation from self and others
– Pain/Tension
– Eating disorders

Body-oriented coaching can be done with individuals, couples, and in groups.
Here you can find more videos about body-oriented coaching…
>> for individuals
>> for groups

Diese Coaches bieten es an:

Daniela Zambrana Weymann

Körperorientierter Coach, Anti-Burnout- und Resilienz-Coach, Exceptional Relationship Mentor, Traumabegleitender SSP- und Focus System-Provider, Psychologische Beraterin
Einzel-, Paar- und Gruppensetting

Daniela begleitet ihre KlientInnen auf eine warmherzige, mitfühlende und dynamische Weise. Der Dreh- und Angelpunkt ihrer Arbeit ist der Körper, weil dieser den effektivsten Zugang zu unserem unbewussten Selbst und unserer Seele bietet.

Daniela Zambrana Weymann – english

Body-oriented coach, anti-burnout and resilience coach, Exceptional Relationship Mentor, trauma supporting SSP and Focus System provider, psychological consultant
Individual, couple and group settings

Daniela guides her clients in a warm, compassionate and dynamic way. The focus of her work is on the body because it provides the most effective access to our unconscious self and soul.

Daniela Zambrana Weymann – spanish

Terapeuta orientada al trabajo corporal, especializada en el síndrome de desgaste mental debido a situaciones profesionales (burn-out) y resiliencia; Mentora de relaciones excepcionales, facilitadora del sistema SSP and Focus System para el tratamiento de distintos tipos de traumas y consultora psicológica.
Apoyo a nivel personal, grupal y de parejas.

Daniela guía a sus clientes de manera cálida, dinámica y con mucha compasión. Su terapia está enfocada en el trabajo corporal debido a que el propio cuerpo ofrece un acceso más efectivo a nuestro yo inconsciente y nuestra alma.

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